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How to make toast

How to make toast, with a detailed flowchart.

Though not everyone can make a juicy Beef Wellington or perfectly crunchy macarons, well-toasted bread should be something we can all have. After all, the materials are so simple: a toaster and a slice of bread. It couldn’t be so hard, right? Wrong.

In fact, perfectly-toasted bread is not merely a simple daily task; it is a science. Consistently creating a crispy, golden-brown exterior and a soft, flavorful interior requires extreme care, from the cooking time to the model of toaster, to even the way the bread is sliced.

Fortunately for us, this delicacy has been meticulously researched. We even know how to make toast without a toaster. Unfortunately, reading all that information about toast would take a lifetime, so here's a simple flowchart for all your toast-making needs:

Toast flowchart

So now you know more than you ever wanted to know about making toast. Time to revel in your enlightenment and savor the glorious golden-brown toast. Pretty soon, you'll be making the perfect toast for lunch and dinner, when friends come over, when you're hosting a meal for the General Assembly of the United Nations! Or maybe just for breakfast.

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